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The Resilient Journey podcast is presented by The Resilience Think Tank. New episodes are released every Monday and can be found anywhere you enjoy podcasts.

Cool jazz music, interesting guests and hot topics related to Resilience.

A couple of years ago I was asked to interview candidates for a client who was hiring a BCM executive. I was given a 30-45 minute time slot for the interview. Most of the time we ran over our allotted time because we enjoyed talking about things related to being resilient. I decided that one day, I wanted to do a podcast. In 2021, it finally happened.

My goal of the Resilient Journey podcast is to explore some of the biggest issues facing organizations today and chat with industry leaders about ways we can all be more resilient. We've now done over 100 episodes and I've never enjoyed anything more.

I want to encourage you to listen and follow the podcast. Each episode is generally between 25-30 minutes. I do this to make it easy for busy people to listen. 

Join us won't you, as we continue our resilient journey!

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