Publications & Speaking Engagements

Committed to the Industry

Mark Hoffman is a frequent contributor to the Business
Continuityindustry, having published several articles and blogs

and spoken at conferences and webinars.   As part of his
commitment to the futureof the industry, Mark is eager to work
as a mentor to newer members of the profession and often
spends time on his engagements in this role.


Speaking Engagements

Mark has been active online in 2019, doing a webinar on Cybersecurity tabletop exercises for Crisis Solutions in the UK in January.  Mark also presented at the first ever HammerForge Online Summit in May on principle based decision making during a cyberattack.  The Cyber theme continued in June as Mark let an online webinar for the International Crisis Management Conference on how to be prepared for a cyberattack.

Coming in October:  Mark presents at the first annual "300 Series" online.  Watch for details, coming soon.

Mark is actively seeking additional speaking opportunities.  Click here to contact Mark if you would like him to speak at a 
conference, webinar or podcast.


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